Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Mr Pilchard says MIAOW!

Hello fellow anipals and comrades of the #WLF Whiskas Liberation Front! I will write more about the #WLF another time; this first post is all about ME!

I am Mr Pilchard, a rescue puss.


I was born in the spring of 2008. As a tiny kitty I was found and taken to the Animals' Refuge at Wetheral Shields, Cumbria. I don't remember anything about where I was born but I do know from Wetheral I went to a new home, where I was well looked after, but sadly my staff couldn't carry on looking after me and I was returned to the refuge 11th April 2012  in the hope the lovely people there could find me a new furrever home.

The Animals' Refuge, Oak Tree Farm, Wetheral Shields, Carlisle, CA4 8JA



Now looking at that photo (which was taken at the refuge in May) you would think such a charming chap as myself would have been snapped up instantly  by discerning would-be staff,  but for some reason I stayed in the refuge for seven months. I became a great favourite of the people who help the anipals at the refuge, as I am such a friendly chap (and well, yes very handsome indeed), but  no-one took me home and I grew a little anxious of ever finding new staff and a furrever home.

Then on Saturday afternoon on November 17th 2012 two people, one male one female, came into the refuge looking for a new companion to share their home and garden. The female person had seen my photo

on the refuge website page where there's a small selection of all the anipals needing furrever homes


and had thought how simply gorgeous I was, but the other human (the male one) thought they should inspect all the anipals before deciding.

Well, as soon as I spotted the pair of them, I RUSHED to the window of my very well-equipped run and shouted CHOOSE ME! CHOOSE ME!

They said hello, and were allowed to stroke me; but they moved off to look at other kittehs and I was so despondent. I made a noise saying MIAOW! so they wouldn't forget me, and then...


The people had brought a BIG cat carrier and soon I was sitting in it on a furry blankie. They handed over some money, received a full medical history (I was neutered when a kitten at the refuge and all my injections are up to date), my Microchip registration, they signed a form to say they promised to look after me, and off we set in the car for my new furrever home! I was a good boy in the car and didn't cry once.

I'm a little on the portly side and I'm on a strict diet from the V E T so that BIG carrier was a good plan MOL!

I'll let you all know how the D I E T and exercise regime is making me less of a cat than I was, but for now, I'm starting to enjoy having new staff, and  loads of fuss and cuddles.

My new staff decided I was such a dignified puss they added Mr to my name, so now you have to call me MR Pilchard.

And I have found my purr! I didn't purr once when my new staff were stroking me and talking to me in the refuge, nor on the way home, and they thought perhaps I was a cat with no PURR, but now I can't stop!

So PURRRRRRRR to all my new pals on Facebook and efurryone reading my blog. I will write again soon, with some new photos.

Love from me,

Mr Pilchard

PS thank you to the Refuge for allowing me use of their photos.